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A man bought a spider to stop his mother-in-law from visiting his place.

Have you created up excuses to avoid spending time with your in-laws? a person took his dislike for his wife’s parents to a different level once he bought a spider to stop his in-law from visiting his place often.

An anonymous user took to Reddit to share his story of “insufferable in-laws”. He aforesaid that tho’ his father-in-law was “manageable”, his mother-in-law was “crazy”.
Though the person asked his woman if it absolutely was fine by her to pet the spider, he didn’t tell his hidden motive. the person another that the spider “worked sort of a charm, the papa still comes, however, the mother can’t stand to be within the same house like it.”

The Reddit user said that even though the tarantula created a cool pet, he was unsure if he ought to tell his woman the truth.

One user wrote, “I’m positive she’s aware of her mother’s arachnophobia and thought she might play dumb and have it’s a win-win.”

Another commented, “There’s absolutely no chance MIL hasn’t given dear wife an earful regarding it already. however, she will save face by talking regarding how many husbands (and kids) love it.”

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