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For alleged Android abuse, India orders the anti-trust probe of Google.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) last year started looking into the complaint, that is comparable to at least one Google faced in Europe that resulted in an exceedinglyfour.34 billion euro ($5 billion) fine on the company, Reuters reported in February.

In mid-April, the CCI set there was a benefit within the accusations created within the complaint and ordered its investigation unit to launch a full probe, one in all the sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

That call, that was confirmed by the second supply, has not been previously reported and also the order calling the total investigation wasn’t made public.

“It may be a strong case for the CCI, given the EU precedent,” said the primary source. “The CCI has (preliminarily) found Google abused its dominant position.”

The probe would be completed in a few years and Google executives would likely be summoned to seem before the CCI in coming months, the supply said.

The CCI did not reply to a request for comment.

A Google spokesman said Android has enabled millions of Indians to attach to the web by making mobile devices more affordable. Google looked forward to working with the CCI “to demonstrate how robots have led to a lot of competition and innovation, not less”, the spokesman said in an exceeding statement.

Reuters couldn’t establish who filed the complaint, that involves more than one person.

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