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Mumbai – Son donated liver to father after loosing 20 kgs in 45 days.

Sagar Vegad, a 22-year-old, who weighed 91 kgs, needed to gift a section of his liver to save the lifetime of his father – Narendra Vegad (56) who was suffering from liver cirrhosis because of liver disease.

But on assessment, Sagar was found to possess excessive fat within the liver and was declared unfit as a donor. however he did not hand over and beneath the guidance of doctors at world Hospital, Parel he lost over twenty kilograms in forty five days and was expressed clinically suitable donate a section of liver to his father, whereas his sister Neha Vegad given her kidney to offers his father a lease of life.

Due to the unavailability of the other donor, Sagar decided to gift a liver to help his father get a brand new lease of life. The transplant team and nutritionist advised him to travel on a diet and exercise regime to lose excess fat. once correct guidance and follow-up with Dr. Samir Shah, Head, Department of Hepatology, Institute of Liver Diseases, HPB Surgery, and Liver Transplant of the hospital, Sagar lost over 20kgs in forty five days. Following the assessment, declared him clinically suitable gift a section of liver to his father. Not solely that his sister- Neha Vegad given her kidney to his father. Narendra successfully underwent simultaneous liver and kidney transplant at the hospital and sick with none medical complications.

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