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Tips to avoid Deadly Heat-Waves.

The horrific heat wave continues throughout the country including Delhi. Mercury is reaching a new altitude. With this, a series of diseases within the summer has also started. apart from sunshine and lu, dirt and contaminated food or water lead to a lot of sickness in this season. By taking some precautions, the weather is avoided.

Dr. Rajiv Gupta, Director of internal medicine at Fortis Hospital, has some simple tips to avoid the outbreak of heat. Let’s learn about:

Avoid staying out for a long time: Avoid getting out of the house between 12 pm and 3 pm. Avoid direct sun exposure to avoid heat outbreak throughout the country.

Avoid getting more into the sunlight: If you wish to get more into the sun throughout the daytime, then use cream. additionally to avoid tanning and sunburn, take out the umbrella, cap, wet towel and cool water.

Keep cleanliness within the food: Take loads of attention to cleanliness within the line of work. Avoid eating outdoors and feeding any foods being created within the open. The danger of obtaining contaminated food or water during this season is very high. offer information to those kids and encourage them to clean hands before feeding anything.

Increase the use of liquids: Use as much liquid as lemon water. detain mind that this cold isn’t icy, otherwise, there could also be other health issues. should use seasonal fruits like melon, watermelon, mango, cucumber, and cucumber. though there are some precautions associated with their intake, they need to be kept in mind. don’t let the body lack water. Drink at least 8 to ten glasses of water every day. Buttermilk, lassi, raw cinnamon, vinegar or sattu sarbat is very useful in this season.

Avoid eating more at a time: it would be good to have a heat and juicy fruit in the summer season. Chiku, peach, melon, melon or orange is good decisions. Eat as onion and cucumber salad in the food. this will save you from digestive problems and keep body temperature under control. Actually, if there is sufficient water in it, then the body temperature is controlled.

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