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World Music Day 2019.

June 21, marks the start of the summer solstice, that’s that the longest day of the year and is also celebrated as Fete DE la Musique or World Music Day. The day also coincides with International Day of Yoga. World Music Day has its origins in France, but soon got adopted by over 120 nations across the globe, including India. Today, musicians from all genres and all ages, amateurs and seasoned performers, gather along to express themselves through music at numerous public platforms. The events area unit primarily hosted in open areas like streets, parks, gardens, stadiums, stations or halls. Most events area unit non-ticketed because the plan is to unfold the cheer through music.

World Music Day: interesting History Behind It
World Music Day originated in France in 1980s, however, was 1st projected by yankeeartiste Joel Cohen back in 1976 to mark the summer solstice.

In October 1981, French Minister of Culture Jack Lang appointed Maurice Fleuret because of the director of music and dance. The couple formed an event that may enable all musicians – amateur and seasoned – to creatively categorical themselves.

The first World Music Day or Fete DE la Musique came about on June 21, 1982 – the year’s summer solstice in the North hemisphere. Thousands of voters came bent on half within the initiative all across France, until late in the dark. It later became a (part) national holiday in France.

Over the years, World Music Day has evolved to explore new musical trends and music from across the globe and revives traditional music.

The Fete de la Musique has evolved into an “event that mobilizes the musicians of the entire world for the pleasure of the audience of over 120 countries, beginning with the European countries,” said France’s Ministry of Culture. France hosts many music concerts to mark the day.

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